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The UK's Best Personal Alarms for the Elderly

Enjoy independence & peace of mind anywhere you go with the  elderly alarm pendant

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Assure Support Fall Alarms

Assure Support SOS Alarms is the company that provides personal alarms for vulnerable persons in the UK, guaranteeing you or your loved ones receive immediate assistance when needed.

Falls are a common, yet often unnoticed, cause of harm. One in every three adults over the age of 65, and half of those over the age of 80, will fall at least once a year.

  • The call is answered IN 60 seconds.

  • 24/7 monitoring and assistance

  • Works via GPS - No landline or wifi required

  • Free SOS alarm (with monthly subscription)

  • Lanyard and wrist strap included

  • App available for next of kin

  • Fall detection

  • Geofencing available


  • 30-day money-back guarantee*


  • Protect Yourself

Get your SOS Alarm Today

24/7 Support

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Value for Money

Mobile Fall Alarm

The Personal Alarm arrives ready to use, having been thoroughly tested by our UK distribution warehouse. A one-year warranty is included. (Other payment schedules are possible)Falls are a prevalent, but often overlooked, cause of injury. Around 1 in 3 adults over 65 and half of people over 80 will have at least 1 fall a year.


full detection

24/7 Monitoring Centre

GPS Tracking

Call Center Employee

Specialist Response Group

01225 29 0999

Our team is medically educated to provide you with the best service available when you need it the most. Every call is answered within 60 seconds.

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

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