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Providing Fall Alarms for the Elderly and Vulnerable

As a leading provider of emergency safety solutions, Assure Support is pleased to offer the SOS Fall Alarm device. Our organization was formed with the intention of giving people peace of mind and dependable aid during emergency situations. We are committed to providing our customers with the greatest possible service when they need it the most, thanks to our cutting-edge technology and dedicated staff members.


One of our hallmark products, the SOS Fall Alarm, is specifically developed for people who are at danger of falling or have a history of falling. This device has advanced sensors that can detect a fall and promptly alert their loved ones.Our team is accessible whenever you need them to respond to any kind of problem, and they will swiftly analyse the situation.


The SOS Fall Alarm device is small and simple to operate, making it an excellent choice for elders and people with mobility concerns. It can be worn discretely on the body or carried in a pocket to provide peace of mind and quick access to assistance in the event of a fall. The device, in addition to fall detection, has a panic button that can be hit in case of other situations.


We at Assure Support are concerned about our customers' safety and well-being.

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